The History of the Establishment of Rekonvasi Bhumi

The formation of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Rehabilitation and Conservation of Bhumi (REKONVASI BHUMI) was initiated by the "biodiversity recognition program within the communities surrounding Serang, Pandeglang, Lebak" through three radio stations. The program spanned forty-five days, comprising interactive talk shows, public service advertisements, adlibs, jingles, and open discussions that resulted in an eight-point agreement signed by the Chairman of Commission D of the Regional Representatives Council, the Secretary of Serang District, representatives of communities and employers, and NGOs. The theme of the open discussion was "Lake Wetlands Conservation and Sustainability," and the entire program received full support from the Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation.

As time progressed and knowledge about the importance of environmental management developed, we realized that our environment is experiencing and has experienced a decline in both quantity and quality due to various social and economic activities, influenced by government policies that do not prioritize environmental friendliness in development concepts and directions. This includes the behavior and mindset of industries that still do not recognize the importance and necessity of environmental management in their production processes.

The issue of environmental management is not only caused by the factors mentioned above or limited to the discharge of pollutants or industrial waste but also encompasses population dynamics, natural resource and energy development, economic growth, scientific and technological advancement, and the impact of environmental governance. Therefore, poverty and destitution experienced by people are also significant problems and obstacles in preserving and managing the environment because many members of society are forced to destroy forests and damage the environment just to survive.

Seeing the profound negative impact of environmental degradation on human life, we want to invite individuals from all walks of life, ranging from farmers to businessmen, especially those in industrial sectors and government, to prioritize the environment in decision-making processes. Otherwise, we risk reverting to poverty and hardship because development activities exceed environmental carrying capacity.

As a result, we would all have to invest significantly in building clean water facilities after polluting our aquifers, conducting various agricultural research and technologies to counteract the loss of productivity caused by chemical fertilizers and pesticides saturating agricultural lands, while also addressing the contamination of our oceans that threatens consumers due to organic waste pollution.

Ultimately, we are faced with challenging choices – whether to continue building and growing at the risk of potential extinction or to pause due to the status quo of non-development. However, by thoroughly exploring these options, new perspectives may emerge that can offer solutions to the aforementioned issues.


The vision of Rekonvasi Bhumi is to realize a green world with healthy water, land, and air.


To establish a society that prioritizes critical thinking about environmental management, thus achieving a green earth with healthy water, soil, and air.

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